AN ISO : 9001 : 2008 COMPANY
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1.0   SCOPE :

We are fabricating the heavy structural items of Boiler, conveyor & Pollution control equipments. The items mainly covers the following :               

  •    Column for Boiler, ESP & Conveyor
  •    Hopper, Chute & Bunker
  •    Gallery, Ladder Arrangement
  •    Casing
  •    Flues & Ducts
  •    PF Mill Equipments for Boiler
  •    Girder
  •    IBR Jobs


Purchase order and Drawings recommended by ou  r clients are the main reference of the job, but we also are detailing the drawings from G.A (General Assembly) drawings from our own design facilities. The whole job depends upon the P.O. & other documents. But beside this, we first make the Quality Assurance Plant that has to be approved by our clients before the execution of job & if any requirement comes from the customer’s side shall be supersede the requirement specified herein

To bring more perfection in our work we have introduced the Third party Inspection Agencies.


Raw materials should be free from visual defects like Cracks, Seams, Laps, pitting defective rolling mark or other imperfections & laminations. Generally we purchase Raw Materials from specific dealers of SAIL and as well as direct from the SAIL Stockyard. These dealers are bound to give the batch TC to incorporate the heat number of the above material. In case the material suppliers are unable to produce the Material Test Certificate and the material bear the Maker’s identification, such materials are accepted through random check & the samples are to be client’s approved laboratory.


          Checking of Drawings
          Layout of Drawings
          Cutting of Materials as layout dimensions
          Fitting the materials & dimensionally cleared for welding
          If required trial assembly to be done as per requirements
          Final inspection to be done by our QC people and then to be offered to the Client Internal Inspection Report to           be  done on the  basis of the above points.


Prior to welding we furnish the Welding procedure specification supported by Procedure Qualification Record & Welder Qualification record to the Customer. This record we maintain through the Order Execution.
Welding should be carried out with electrodes by our clients.

The Company comprises of qualified and experienced Engineers financial experts and also consists of professional engineers and a Chartered Accountant.

4.0   MAN POWER :

                                   Category                                Unit I                Unit II                 Office
                                   Engg. Graduate -                        4                       4                         -
                                   Engg. Diploma                            5                       3                         -
                                   Supervisor                                   4                       4                         -
                                   Staff                                              6                       7                       18
                                   Skilled Labour                           55                     25                        -
                                   Unskilled Labour                       65                     45                        -


The Company is well equipped with in-house Computer facility for handling a wide range and variety of jobs relating to engineering, design, project-management as well as financial management.


The Company has a large workshop at Durgapur Industrial Estate, Durgapur - 713212. With a wide area of 9 acre for all type of Fabrication and Mechanical jobs.


                                   Structural Fabrication
                                   Design & Drawing
                                   Boiler Pressure & Non-Pressure parts.
                                   Pollution Control


The Company is a SSI, and has been Registered under Durgapur Steel Plant (SAIL) Alloy Steels Plant (SAIL), Alstom Projects India Ltd., BHEL, L&T Ltd. Shriram EPC, Humboldt Wedag, ETS-India, NTPC, DVC and so on. It is also and the only ISO : 9001-2000 Company in Durgapur, for Structural Fabrication & IBR jobs. It provides its clients with Quality Products & Services through a Continuous Process of Improvement in all areas of performance. It is geared to meet any type of challenges of tomorrow with its Power House of Experience & Expertise with Quality Work, Upgraded Technology with Trust worthy people and with Reliable work.