Quality assurence & technological expertise which is the key to  Jas Equipment & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. unstopped growth towards global stature, With its 19 years of expertise in creating successive, successful industrial revolution in the state. Jas Equipment & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has become a major key player in the industriliazation process of Burdwan district, helping industry harness growth, gather momentum, focus energies, optimise resources to tap potential. Like never before, Like nowhere else. Jas Equipment & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has adhereed to its traditional policy of offering the best value to its customers. With one decade of accumulated experience, a team of professional managers and specialist engineers, Jas Equipment & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has the expertise and strength to promosie its customers the satisfaction of making the never-go-wrong choice.

Jas Equipment & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is fully equipped to executive contracts. Our excellent track record promises total team reliability so precious to industrial buyers. To our relentless march towards newer technologies we have forever sought to keep pace with technological upgradation.

The Challenge of chance. We meet it over the years to become a dynamic, productive and innovative organisation - one of Eastern India's fastest growing SSI Units. But one thing has remained unchanged for nearly 18 years. We believe in achieving productivity through quality and technological excellence and utilising the infinite potential of human resources. This has formed our basis for every progressive management concept and help us succeed with the times.


AN ISO : 9001 : 2008 COMPANY
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